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Over 65% of new clients come to me by referral.
Here’s what they have to say about our work.

My business is thriving and I’m in the kind of shape I want to be in for skiing, hiking, and biking with friends. I’m frequently scanning my life to be sure that what is most important to me is getting the time and attention it needs. The result is that I’m happier and more fulfilled by work and life. Thanks, Coach!
- D.L., Lincoln, NE

What I wanted from a coach was not just a pat on the back, but true instruction; not just encouragement but real tools. Carolyn refers to these as authentic actions and she holds me accountable to those actions - we discovered how I worked on them and what resulted. I have and will continue to recommend Carolyn to my own clients and friends because she is that special someone who steps forward to offer guidance based on what is true for each person at a particular time. I am doing the work I want to do, and earning the income I want to earn.
- T.F., New York, NY

These changes are simple, yet remarkable. Thank you Carolyn, you have a special gift! I could not have achieved what I did without the patience, honesty, and encouragement from Carolyn. Thank you for giving me back to me.
- P.G., San Anselmo, CA

Tenacious - ability to stay with client through inspiration but also through the tough spots- patience, timing, skill - to uncover and create the new path that leads to the desired outcome. Just as you think you’ll get away with some distraction or discouragement, changing the conversation, Carolyn will bring you back toward the needed result, clarification, or action that will get you where you want to go.
- J.P., Dallas, TX

One of the most gratifying aspects of working with Carolyn is that the process is discovery-based rather than prescriptive. As a result, our conversations fly in an ever-tightening circle around the things that have meaning for me - professionally and personally - and how I can pursue goals in all areas of my life by staying connected to who I am and what brings me joy. We have great conversations that are shaped by Carolyn’s insights and experience, her warmth, and her uncanny ability to turn hard conversations into the most interesting and rewarding ones.
- J.H., Mill Valley, CA

Carolyn was my assigned mentor coach while getting trained. I’ve kept her as my business and personal coach since finishing the program. Though I am Swedish and there is a 9 hour time change, we jump over the time and language and cultural differences to make my life and career work better.
- M.D., Stockholm, Sweden