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Carolyn Ingram

I am both a Licensed Psychologist and a Professional Certified Coach, with a doctorate in counseling psychology and accreditation from the ICF. After twenty years of private practice as a therapist, I transitioned into life, career, and success coaching. I am on the faculty of The Academy for Coaching Excellence (ACE) , where I am also a mentor coach for coaches in training. I love the positive, results-oriented focus of coaching, as well as the satisfaction of watching my clients’ lives evolve and unfold.

Long interested in the Enneagram, I am enthusiastic about Integrative9’s approach, information, and usefulness as a coaching tool. This assessment is rich in its potential for self-discovery, and it offers nuanced perspectives that provide strong support for reaching goals. In the contexts of relationships or teams, it also offers understanding of how we operate within, between, and among ourselves and others. For long-term clients, this assessment is adding a new dimension to our work together. Becoming certified by IEQ has been very meaningful to me both personally and professionally. It’s an impressive instrument and report. I also offer a 3-session package which includes the assessment, a session to go over your report, and two follow-up sessions toward self-discovery or a goal, whether you are interested in ongoing coaching, or only want to dig into your Enneatype.

Currently, I work entirely one-on-one via telephone or Skype with people from all over the U.S. and Europe. My clients are men and women on the cusp of an important transition. They run the gamut from Fortune 500 executives to not-for-profit crusaders, from fine artists who want to be more productive in doing what they love to mid-career professionals ready to make a move. I regularly present at Rancho La Puerta and co-lead writing/coaching classes in Marin County, CA, where I live. I am the co-author of two self-help books: “Have You Ever Been a Child? Hints for Children and Adults” and “The Not-So-Scary Breast Cancer Book: Two Sisters’ Journey from Discovery to Recovery."

As an advocate for a full and balanced life, I am a published poet, an avid hiker, and an amateur photographer (which links up well with being a wildflower geek). A fluent Spanish speaker, I love to travel - often to Mexico or Guatamala - to volunteer, snorkel, or just be.

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